The Nymi Band is a wrist-worn (wearable tech) device that identifies and secures an individual’s identity through their fingerprint and heart pattern in order to amalgamate the user to the device. It uses On-Body Detection (OBD) and parameter detection through certified terminals to ensure that the band is correctly worn on the intended user, and is the actual person within the specified vicinity. The system also uses mathematically proven cryptography to confirm the user’s identity to the network.

While contracting with Nymi, I was commisioned to lead the creation of interactive user flows and justify said experience through research, peer reviewed schematics and both in-house and remote user testing. Considerations applied to the band’s design included regular wear and tear of every day use, chemical and foreign particle durabiltiy, temp and weather effect on the band and battery, ease of use and practicality and a tremendous long host of security issues that can entail scenarios like damage intent, purposeful authentication deception, system failure, battery replacement, forgot charge and collaborative hacking.

Because we were working in a startup environment, employees usually filled in the gaps when there was a need to do so. Even though I was hired as a design consultant to help lead the initial user experience of the Nymiband, I also wore many hats where design needs were involved. Needs such as
Site re-design
Online social branding
Design guide creation
Creating trade show displays
Video direction, etc, were all avenues of opportunity where I was able to provide thought leadership and practical hands-on labour to help drive the business forward.

Based on the implementation of my well-received design work, my original contract was extended 4 times and I was able to help lead the team to a comfortable place where they were able to take the reigns of design and continue to build upon a firm foundation of said design work that was created with the purpose of sustainability and thought leadership for an industry-leading product in the field of security.

Please see below as to how the Nymi Band works and integrates with everyday tasks within the workplace.