Hi there, I'm Brett.

As a product creator & UX design innovator, my mission is to serve your team by providing vision & finding solutions for your needs.

When designing, I find great enjoyment in working together with people. Why? Because I thrive in creating an environment that leverages everyone’s superpowers that results in realtime, peer-reviewed solutions.
By this approach, our teams develop a sense of hive-mindedness that continuously grows stronger over time, and helps us to become more confident in regards to positioning ourselves as thought leaders in the industry.
I am a servant-leader who roles his sleeves up and works well with others in order to provide direction and inspire thought leadership through nurtured design thinking.
I am open to challenges where I can provide vision by designing excellent experiences to increase customer loyalty through business development, while promoting brand integrity.

My life regularly consists of hunting for information, staying on top of design trends, and constantly engaging online tutorials and refresher courses on an (almost) daily basis.

In my leisure time, I enjoy preparing authentic multinational cuisines for family and friends as well as snobbing out on all things coffee.

My flexible approach to the Creative Process

Subject to change based on your user's needs, client feedback and your companies business objectives and values

A successful discovery and team alignment are best achieved through hive-mindedness, teamwork, and a shared vision between us. By tailoring my refined approach through a step by step process, I will help your team to adhere, ideate, and craft a successful product design via creative innovation, through to development.

Based on over a decade of design thinking and business development, my general approach includes the following process. Please note that this process is flexible and can be tailored to your company, team, client’s needs.

Hive-mindedness through alignment

If you want to ensure a project goes smoothly, we need to get everyone on the same page right from the start. Alignment Workshops allow us to align on the starting phase of a project where we can focus on:

  • Project scope
  • Project goals
  • Impact potentials
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Priorities
  • Vision

Defining Success

Success is defined by a common understanding of what the client wants, our business objectives, accomplishing our tasks, project requirements and sustainable features. For the most part, as long as we have filtered our findings and hypotheses through this list, we can meet success every time. Success is defined by how we prescribe a solution that is filtered through the above stated alignments and is peer reviewed and tested. Success is defined on a project by project basis and covers empathetic concerns like:

  • Did we solve the problem?
  • Are our solutions more efficient?
  • Did we meet a needs?
  • Do our solutions consider future innovation?  Etc.,

Leveraging User Insights & Analytics

UX research serves many purposes throughout the design process. It helps us to:

  • Identify and to prove or disprove our assumptions
  • Find commonalities across our target audience members
  • Recognize their needs, goals, and mental models.

Overall, this type of feedback from both user and digital analytical research informs the team, improves our understanding, and makes our work better through quantified / qualified feedback that governs the decision making process and proves our direction.

Mindmapping & Information Architecture

Once we have the necessary information in place, we can now conduct a mind-mapping session that gives visual context for the team. Through these exercises, teammates find alignment through viewing and gaining the same mental model to help invoke alignment on the big picture. Once a mind dump (or information gathering) has taken place, this is where the fun begins. Members are now able to discuss and interact with the mind cloud they are viewing and can begin to move, alternate, change or delete various section of the mind cloud in order to add order through taxonomy classes and nomenclature. When done correctly, the solution will automatically form an informative architecture and materialize into a holistic view of the overall system and solution. These can always be changed along the way, but for the most part, this model will serve as a reference point for everyone to access.

Design Studios

Collaborative sketching, wireframing and our initial approach to design

Based on proper planning, alignment and understanding, we can now move into the arena of solutioning our findings (through the gamut of step 2 Defining Success). By engaging in the iterative process of Design Studios, the team can now begin to visualize their solutions through rapid exercises that can be vetted and reviewed amongst the group. Based on feedback and quick turn around tests, the design can now be hard-wired in order to be adhered to for the next step of prototyping and mockups.

Prototyping & Mockups

Choose your approach

Once solidified, we can now begin to create prototypes and/or mockups that reflect our findings from the Design Studio sessions. It is during this time that a Design System will be created with various components that can be accessed from the library in order to help fast track our productivity while adhering to a design reference that serves as a standard with precise measurements and behaviour. Some teams may even go straight directly to this step by amalgamating the Design Studio process and skipping wires because a strong stable Design System is already in place. During this stage, both prototypes and mockups are still open for peer review, test & refinements and other forms of user feedback.


Considering our backlog and product roadmap

After our initial release, sprint or cycle, this is a great opportunity to reflect our the work we’ve produced and the progress of our team’s unity. My hopes and mission is to provide an inclusive platform that is open and transparent, encourages discussion and works on improving areas that may attention. Regardless of any project, the end goal is to continuously hone a team of experts who are focused on product excellence, sustainable creative innovation and the endless pursuit of becoming a well oiled unit that gels together and seeks to improve upon best practices and industry standards. In all things, it is my desire to bring betterment in all forms of relational design and business development. This is how we become industry leaders and champions of change.

Word on da Street

What some clients and colleagues are saying about me


What stood out about Brett, from the first moments I interviewed (and ultimately hired) him, was his passion, insights, vision and leadership skills. There was never any doubt that he has strong UX/UI/CX expertise, but what really stood out was his ability to convey to those unaccustomed with UX or UI principles that UX is an integral part of any solution.

Roger Barlow, CEO & Co-Founder of Diversys Software Inc

As part of our Digital division, Brett contributed great expertise and passion for the art and science of excellent user experience design, as well as a keen sense for communicating ideas convincingly and winning over clients. He has a positive energy that benefited not only our client work but also our team dynamic. He would be a valuable addition to any team.

Amanda Shiga, Director of Product Strategy at Sitecore

I’ve had the pleasure of working Brett at Guestlogix as he set the foundation of our new flagship product. He brought a level of expertise to create a vision that would scale as our product matures. He shared his knowledge through lunch and learns and mentor-ship, helping set the UX framework. I would gladly work with him again in the future.

Justin Lagtapon, Product Manager - Guestlogix

Brett has an energy and commitment to driving effective information design and usability best practices. As a solid team player Brett stays engaged and advocates for what’s best for ther user while responding to the needs of the Client and the supporting team. He has enthusiasm to spare and positive energy that would make him an asset to any team.

Mark Boutte, Director of Digital Strategy & Services Anderson DDB

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