Android App

  • Client: Bell Media Inc
  • Year: 2019
  • Role: Sr. UX Design Lead
Main Roles
  • User Interface

  • Usability Testing

  • Information Architecture

  • User Experience

  • Digital Branding

  • Android HIG

BNN, Canada’s definitive source for business news will provide audiences with unparalleled coverage of business news content, powered by Bloomberg’s 2,700 business journalists and analysts in 120 countries.
Users can use the Stock Lookup tool to search and analyze stocks. Create a custom stock list to follow your own portfolio or any other stock you want to keep an eye on.
In the Markets section, you will find the top North American Gainers, Losers and Most Active stocks, as well as commodities and currencies data throughout the trading day.
The BNN Bloomberg app offers a rich video experience with on-demand interviews, special reports and full episodes of top shows such as The Open, Bloomberg Markets, Berman’s Call and Commodities. Users can also watch live BNN Bloomberg and  Bloomberg Television programming, featuring comprehensive coverage of Canadian and international markets.


Mo Money mo problems

The objective here was to completely redesign the live stockmarket app that was oriented towards the Canadian market. The application is an aggregates data from world exchanges, processes it, builds the charts & diagrams and displays this info in an intuitive and digestible manner. The main goal of BNN is to help the trader easily interpret and interact with investments.

The main areas that we focused on based on customer feedback were:

  • differing navigation behaviour compared to the Android platform
  • non-intuitive design from a UX standpoint
  • Overpopulated screens with graphical elements
  • dropoff points regarding user input fields.


Reworking the design

Our task was to implement the principle using standard iOS controls and patterns understandable to ordinary users of mobile applications.

After much deliberation, and consulting with the client we decided that the best approach was to completely rework the UX of things, by parsing the data into logical modules corresponding to their perspective tabs and finishing with graphical chart logic.

As a result, much of the feedback was that information was being lost on the page as users were accustomed to viewing small digits in a nonlinear format. By taking this information back to our team, we were able to conduct studies via multivariant testing to successfully justify our design layouts- while educating the clients as to how users view, digest and interpret information from a device’s screen with projective light being shot towards the user’s eyes.

A few wires, shots and roughs along the way


Initial Feedback

A few months after our initial release, I was pleased to capture this screenshot of our initial Android Store feedback regarding our newly released designs. This was our first social verdict with a whopping 4/5 star rating from 2,185 users. This rating maintained a solid 4 star rating for several months while the user reviews and prospects increased in increments 89 users a month as this is a niche field with specific and mature users.



While leveraging the power of the clients colour of red within the app, we decided on a duller blue of sorts which allowed the designers to build for a stronger visual hierarchy and directed the user’s eye to the most important interactive elements on the screen. Thanks to the wonderful design work of Matthew Pearn, our team nearing a winning streak in regards to combining colour, typography, graphical elements and newly added rich media segments to generate more interest and user interactivity.

To finish up, the details and design standards that were agreed upon and tested for this application was adapted for use on iPad / android tablet and the iOS platform.

Design Team
  • Brett Lutchman: Sr. UX Design Lead

  • Matthew Pearn: Art Direction

As a result of our newly released app, the initial feedback resulted in a whopping 4/5 star rating with over 2000 initial real-life users (as seen above).
This was an increase from their previous 2/5 star rating and onboarded and an increase of 39% more users.
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