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The Evolution of Healthy Tasks

  • Client: ClarityPark
  • Year: 2020-2021
  • Role: UX Design Consultant
  • Lead the overall creative direction for iOS mobile & tablet

  • Onboarded investors as to the value and direction of the user experience

  • Consulted on the digital branding direction and how to implement best practices

ClarityPark™ lets you prioritize all of your tasks in one place using a unique philosophy of task management by giving you the most effective method to plan your future while using advanced technology to help you achieve your goals. By using advanced reporting features and utilizing a single or team notification system, ClarityPark™ allows you to monitor every step of your progress and help keep you on track.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.


The goal of this project was to bring back the simplicity of using a day planner.
The premise was straightforward: if you walked into someone’s office and picked up their linear planner, you would immediately understand it. Maybe the style of journaling, terminology and short-handed symbolism wouldn’t or couldn’t be readily understood, but the main premise of understanding and the simplicity of thumbing through pages and digesting information quickly and easily would be pretty straightforward. We wanted to bring back that exact same simplicity and ease of use to the user.

Our high-level goals were to:

Make it easy to understand and intuitive for everyone to use.

Give people more control over their schedules and how they’re synced.

Create a platform that was relevant and could be sustainable for future upgrades.


One app to rule them all

While conducting our initial open and closed table interviews, we quickly discovered that the main point of frustration for many people was that they found that organizer apps had a few features that they really liked- but that they also had a bunch of stuff that they didn’t like as well. During these sessions, we came up with the fun idea of having each participant draw out their own version of the “perfect” app that they would envision in their minds. While conducting these in-house design studios, participants began to speak to each other and share ideas and make their own adjustments on the fly. This was amazing because we had not given them instructions to not speak to each other (to be honest it didn’t even cross our minds) but they decided to do so by themselves. This outreach to fellow peers allowed us to hear their thoughts in real-time which was tremendous insight by itself. The gist of all the amalgamated feedback was simply this:
Have one app to “Rule them all”. Enter ClarityPark™.
1 iM

When we finally entered the design stage, I wanted to implement the feedback we gathered from the focus groups and literally retain the “childlike building block style” we saw repeatedly being leveraged from regular testers. I tried to retain the basic elementary colour scheme in my designs (trying to keep in alignment to the simple childlike approach that were captured in the testing phase), which we believe leant to a more approachable interface that would be more welcoming, while using a fun, clean font with short and precise copy.

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Drag Handle

As you can see in this example below, the user has the ability to bring up the screen’s center drag handle in order to reveal the enlarged calendar below. This gives the user the power to make slight adjustments to their screen for their optimized viewing purposes.

3 iM

In the initial prototypes, we included three aspects in the app for user to engage with: creating tasks, syncing schedules across various devices and platforms, and translating iconography to justify its use and usability. By translating their paper designs into a workable prototype within Figma, I was able to display the drag handle functions to users which they thoroughly enjoyed, due to the fact they were seeing their feedback come to life. The ability to witness and try the prototype made it feel “real” to them and like they were being heard.


Enter Covid

ClarityPark™ no longer wanted to focus only on organizing people’s lives- ClarityPark™ wanted to save lives.

After the initial release of our MVP, the stakeholders of the company wanted to change directions. Covid 19 had played a major role in our development when a few team members were put into quarantine and didn’t have full access to their equipment and the team. As a result the release of our milestone MVP was delayed. It was during this time that we slowed down and began to take another look at the vision for the company. As seen from this press release here, the concept of creating a simple organizer app during uncertain times caused the stakeholders to question their vision and reasons for creating an app, and thus began to think of creating certainty for post-Covid times. During this time, this startup went through several months of re-evaluation with both stake holders and investors wanting to make a shift that was sustainable, appropriate for the age of pandemics and really mattered.
ClarityPark™ no longer just wanted to focus on organizing people’s lives- ClarityPark™ wanted to save lives.
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Press Release
  • Dave Small, Founder

  • Marilyn Paige, Public Relations

2020 Press Release can be read here

As a result of Covid which lead to company re-direction, a statement was released from the founder as seen below.

ClarityPark™, the personal organizer start-up, is planning to release an addition to its latest offering titled “the ClarityPark™ Blood Pressure Journal.”  This will be a free app that will allow anyone to record and analyze detailed entries of their blood pressure levels and share it with their medical professional if they so choose.

ClarityPark™ users will have the added bonus of saving their entries to a cloud-based journal which allows them to review their blood pressure levels during specific calendar events along with detailed statistics.”We feel that some individuals may experience increased pressure while awaiting pending results or adjusting to life after the loss of their candidate,” stated founder D.W. Small.

“During these times of Covid lockdowns, the need for individuals to monitor their own health is extremely important.   We found that less people are visiting their doctor due to Covid-19 restrictions, and we also realized that most individuals are unaware that Coronavirus can damage the heart through inflammation of the heart muscle. This unfortunately makes individuals with high blood pressure an extremely vulnerable group.”

Because high blood pressure is a primary contributing cause of death for over 400,000 people each year, the need for apps like this are becoming extremely valuable within the health ecosystem.

“When we created the app, we consulted medical professionals and found that many individuals who had existing blood pressure monitoring devices lacked the ability to collect and analyze their information in a consistent manner.  This app now makes it easy for them to monitor their health and share that information.”

“Because our research showed that this app is valuable to individuals who take care of the elderly, we created a feature which allows you to create multiple profiles which is essential for these families.”

ClarityPark™ is presently in negotiations with potential investors for future capabilities

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