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Rogers Digital Media

  • Client: Rogers Communications
  • Year: 2019
  • Role: Sr. UX Design Lead
Main Roles
  • Information Architecture

  • WordPress Integration

  • User Experience

  • Remote Usability Testing

  • Digital Branding

  • Creative Design

With Rogers Sports & Media, media buyers are able to harness the power of best-in-class content, dynamic cross-platform flexibility and unparalleled amplification to tell and share their stories, their way. Any screen. Any time.


For the Rogers Media platform, delivering superior services for their advertisers and audiences is at the heart of their business. In the Canadian market, Rogers has 7 television brands, 56 radio stations, 7 publications and nearly 200 web properties. With such a vast product offering, Rogers looked to us to introduce a rebranding of their digital platform and automation to its most highly valued deals. By providing a new look and feel with useful content and intuitive navigation, we were able to help Rogers connect advertisers with content inventory, like video and data sheets more easily. We also brought in all outside links and remote site data into the main site which helped media buyers to easily navigate through the site and find the appropriate information they were looking for- without leaving the site or encountering deadends and drop-off points.


  • Lead a redesign of rogersmedia.com
  • Focus on the target audience of industry knowledge workers and media buys (and not just the general public).
  • Leverage a newly integrated Design System via WordPress to ensure consistency and enable efficiency in the design and development process for future upgrades.

At the end of our UX engagement, not only did Rogers Media have a more intuitive, user-friendly responsive site, but we also provided a digital design system along with a design guide and customer journey approach to ensure that the target audiences are the focus of everything they do for future upgrades which they are now able to do themselves.



The design team then led two daily design thinking workshops and with a lunch & learn with all team members to help onboard all members and develop hive-mindedness. Through these exercises we were able to:

  • Amalgamate expectations and vision in regards to project goals, individual responsibilities and mental models.
  • Plot and map out intended user journeys.
  • Use these journeys to navigate direction for the redesign.
  • Craft a newly created guide for design principles.
  • Develop a better foundation for a collaborative upgrade via the WordPress platform for CMS.

These activities were an eye-opening experience for our client who were able to fully understand and appreciate the process of product planning and various (numerous) breakout meetings as they witnessed in real-time the coming together of things as the end vision began to materialize.


    Along with the standard deliveries that included wireframes, graphic designs, user flow diagrams, and prototypes, we worked with the team to help amalgamate and streamline their design processes within WordPress and its CMS frameworks. By doing this, we helped their digital team by boosting their confidence in regards to how they aligned as a single unit that strictly focuses on how to best create and design for their target audience while continuing to meet their business objectives.

    By introducing a newly created design system we were able to help Rogers Media to be able to focus on what matters most. This system brought all external links from the site, back into the Rogers digital ecosystem and gave them the ability to personalize for these newly added service offerings without detracting from the Rogers brand. This also assisted Rogers in providing both the team and company as a whole with the latest CMS design patterns- accompanied with Youtube tutorials, WordPress FAQs and theme author assistance.

    Because there were various external partners, developers and audience needs, the newly created system, allowed designers and stakeholders to stage their updates for review to ensure consistency and brand alignment by using the same modules according to their already specified parameters. The following success’ were noted after the release of the newly designed website.

    • A streamlined approach to design that allows all parties access to design resources, guidance, and staged pages for approval before public release.
    • Timeless assistance with WordPress and its CMS platform through constantly updates video tutorials, 247 hr help through the theme creator and up-to-the-minute updates for theme module, plugins and editors.
    • A scalable and sustainable platform on which to consistently build upon, up/downgrade, morph and change based on current design trends and business needs.
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